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Author: Bevan Commission


The aim of this discussion paper is to stimulate further debate by setting out a more radical and new way forward to enable NHS Wales to improve the quality of its performance in a sustainable way, comparable to that achieved by the highest quality non-health care organisations. This paper proposes that this will only be achieved through the introduction of a service-wide quality management system, such as the International Standards Organisation (ISO) and other similar systems used by large organisations almost universally outside of the health care sector.

The Bevan Commission contends that the time is ripe for an open and frank debate about the following proposals:

A mandatory and universal Quality Management System is introduced across NHS Wales and its key partners, in order to deliver Prudent Health Care.

The Quality Management System and Standards should be externally audited (non NHS) e.g. British Standards Institute (BSI2).

To ensure consistency, legislation should be passed requiring all health care activities to achieve a common, internationally recognised quality standard within 5 years. The quality standards should not be subject to political or management change.

The Quality Management System should be based on an internationally recognised quality standard such as ISO 9001 or EFQM.

Demonstrable improvement in quality should be an essential performance criterion for both administrative and clinical management progression.