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Have you got a new idea that could help transform how we deliver health and care services in Wales?

This year’s Bevan Exemplar Programme call is titled Achieving Change Together and challenges applicants to develop innovative solutions to overcome issues currently facing the delivery of health and care services in Wales. Applications to the programme this year are encouraged around the core themes outlined below, aligning with Welsh Government and NHS Wales priorities:

  • Supporting prevention, early diagnosis and treatment (particularly related to Cancer)
  • Tackling issues related to mental health and women’s health
  • Transforming care for those with long term conditions (for example Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease).
  • Supporting older people, frailty and preventing falls

and the Bevan Commission’s Foundations for the Future Model of Health and Care (further information here: The Foundations for the Future Model of Health and Care in Wales):

  • Building resilient and resourceful people and communities
  • Reducing waste across health and social care
  • Integrating care and tackling inequalities
  • Using data and technology to support system change

We would also welcome other applications consistent with your organisation’s priorities.

Deadline for Applications: 11.59pm on 14th July 2024

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About the Bevan Exemplars

The Bevan Commission’s Exemplar Programme supports health and care professionals to take their great prudent healthcare ideas and translate them into practice. Our 12-month programme provides training and mentorship to inform thinking and develop skills so Exemplars can transform health and care services from within, having positive impacts on patient care, lived experiences, health outcomes and on service efficiency.

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Bevan Exemplar Cohort 8 Showcase Event

Cohort 8 of the Bevan Exemplar Programme has recently come to an end. Over the last year, the Bevan Exemplars from health and care in Wales, have been implementing their own ideas to transform patient experiences and improve health outcomes. A showcase is being held at the Senedd on 13th June 2024 from 9.00am to 1.30pm to recognise and celebrate their achievements.

To find out more about the projects and the Programme, book your place here.