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Bevan Young Future Thinkers

Celebrating innovative health initiatives in Welsh primary schools.

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The Young Bevan Future Thinkers Award, in partnership with Welsh Network of Healthy Schools Schemes, invited schools across Wales to showcase their initiatives to encourage and support health and wellbeing in and outside of schools. The Bevan Commission received a dynamic range of creative and innovative submissions, demonstrating the enthusiasm and potential of future generations to transform health and social care.

The first award of the evening was presented to Radnor Primary School for their remarkable “Ride to Radnor” initiative. The initiative involved children cycling to school, supported by parents, volunteers, and local businesses. This holistic approach not only promoted physical activity and sustainable transportation but also fostered community engagement. The second award celebrated Cantonian High School’s initiative to raise awareness about the importance of bowel screening which encouraged children to act as advocates for screening participation.

Alongside the two winners, a further five school projects were given highly commended awards for excelling in certain categories:

  • Big Bocs Bwyd (Cadoxton Primary School). Award: A more Equal Wales
  • Improving School Grounds (Whitchurch Primary School). Award: A Globally Responsible Wales
  • Outdoor Science (Ysgol Llanfair DC). Award: Highly Innovative
  • Joe Junior & Dragonfit Boxing (Ty Gwyn Special School). Award: A Healthier Wales
  • Student Enrichment Programme (Willows High School). Award: Cohesive Communities

All these projects were seen to have developed ideas that demonstrated innovative approaches to health and wellbeing and had the potential to be scaled up to benefit public health. All the students who took part have proven the exciting potential of future generations to make a big difference to health and well-being.

Below you can watch Derek Walker, Wales’ Future Generations Commissioner award the winners at the Bevan Commissions conference The Tipping Point: Where next for health and care? (From 14  mins, 55 seconds). You can also use the links above to download the full compendium of entrants to the award.