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Andrew Scard

Aneurin Bevan University Health Board

Watch Andrew talk about his project.

Cardiac Rehab has traditionally been a face to face service, unfortunately if a patient was unable to attend the service site they would often be discharged back to their GP with no exercise and education. This could mean they missed out on the vital help they require post event. This was mainly due to a lack of virtual options and staff to create and deliver another aspect of the service.

The Project:

This project aims to create an app digital resource for Wales Cardiac Rehab services.  The app would not only turn Cardiac Rehab into a more menu-based service for patients (as stated in the health boards values and behaviours framework and outlined in clinical futures) but would also help to enable more patients to access Cardiac Rehab services across Wales. The app would include Exercise program videos to follow, education videos from across four key specialities (Exercise, Nursing, OT and Dietitian), local health board contact information and local follow on Phase IV exercise classes as well as charity information drawing upon principles of social prescribing.

Project Outcomes:

Feedback from prototype app. 41 surveys collected. 36 patients responded, 5 staff.

Navigation- 88% positive use, 10% passive in their response, leaving 2% who had a negative experience (1 person)

Look of the app had 100% positive feedback, in 2 cases it exceeded expectations.

Locating required information had 80% positive feedback, 14 % were passive in their response and 6% had a negative experience, perhaps due to some topics not currently covered.

70% people said the app contained everything they required, 20% were unsure of what they needed exactly and 10% felt more was needed (has already been planned for release).

Everyone surveyed agreed an app was better than Facebook and YouTube for access to material. Also nobody thought having the resource to compliment F2F delivery was a negative.

Only one patient did not think it would be useful if doing a solely virtual program (they do not have a smart phone).

The feedback from the initial prototype and discussions across the All Wales CR group, have been overwhelmingly positive and resulted in the project being pushed for funding to create a downloadable app and staff hub for full testing with patients and staff in ABUHB.  If successful the app would go out to all health boards in Wales.

View the project poster and slides from the Cohort 7 Exemplar Showcase