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Bevan Fellow

Carla Dix started her career in local government over 22 years across various departments within housing and social services. Since 2011 she has worked predominantly within the Technology Enabled Care sector and joined Delta Wellbeing in 2019 as its Strategic Innovations Programme Lead.

Carla was instrumental in setting up and delivering Delta Wellbeing’s award-winning CONNECT service which is transforming the way health and social care is being delivered across west Wales.

As a Bevan Fellow Carla will seek to further develop the collaborative work that they have achieved with CONNECT to date, exploit the successes and spread the proactive and preventative initiative across Wales.

Carla sees this as an opportunity to positively influence the way that health and social care transformation is delivered across Wales. I She will share her experiences; the quick wins and benefits to working preventatively and highlight the challenges and barriers to success and how they have overcome them – enabling other organisations to rapidly adopt, adapt and spread a successful service.

She hopes that the Bevan Fellowship will:

  • challenge her and enable her to challenge others within an innovative space,
  • accelerate her professional development through the mentoring support from the Bevan Commission,
  • offer her a unique opportunity to build her network of health and care professionals
  • establish improved links to academia to promote research into the provision and development of Technology Enabled Care (TEC) services.