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On the 13th of June, we celebrated the remarkable achievements of cohort eight of the Bevan Exemplar Programme at the Senedd. Over the past year, this cohort of 40 projects have developed and seeded a huge range of timely innovations across Wales. 

We are continually impressed by the passion of Bevan Exemplars, with most developing their innovation ideas on top of their busy day jobs. Some Exemplars worked in teams, and some worked alone – but together they supported each other through this challenging programme to produce some truly exciting ideas. If innovation was easy, everyone would be doing it. This is why it is so important to celebrate the bravery, passion, creativity and commitment of Cohort 8 Exemplars.

Who were Cohort 8? 

Cohort 8 was composed of a vibrant mix of health and care professionals from across Wales, each bringing their unique perspectives and expertise to their projects which aimed to improve services and patient outcomes.  

Some highlights included:   

  • The introduction of an early intervention, primary care-based pain management service which has improved the quality of life of patients and reduced the prescribing of pain medication 
  • The development and introduction of a Phone First –Diabetic Foot Emergency Early Triage (DFEET) Service Within Cardiff And Vale Podiatry, which has improved healing rates and reducing waiting times 
  • The batch manufacture of Outpatient Parenteral Antimicrobial Therapy by in-house technical services which has the potential to generate significant cost savings and reduce length of stay in hospital 
  • The implementation of the P.A.C.T programme in primary care, optimising health and wellbeing outcomes for individuals with prostate cancer, and releasing GP and nursing time.

What’s Next for Cohort 8?  

The ongoing success of these projects hinges on continuous support. We have seen the positive impact they have had in a short space of time; the next step is to ensure they continue, and are adopted across Wales to ensure they make a lasting impact on the health and care system in Wales.  The Exemplars, and the Bevan Commission, cannot do this alone. It requires other health and care professionals from across Wales to be brave, to learn from the experiences of the Exemplars, and look to adopt the tried and tested models in their areas. We urge you to consider how you can be brave.

Find out more

Supporting Future Innovators – Cohort 9 

The Bevan Exemplar Programme doesn’t end with Cohort 8. The journey for Cohort 9 is just beginning. If you have a great idea and want to take the next step, please consider applying for Cohort 9. We are looking for innovative projects, led by passionate and committed individuals that can transform health and social care in Wales. We can support you along every step of your innovation journey. The Call is open until 14th July. 

More information here: Apply to join Bevan Exemplars Cohort 9 – Bevan Commission