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Clinical Influencers

Championing clinician-driven change for a more sustainable, prudent, and forward-thinking health and care system.

The Bevan Commission has identified the need to support dynamic and innovative clinicians, equipping them with the skills and knowledge to inspire and motivate others to transform the way they work, adopting innovative approaches within their own work.

The Clinical Influencers Programme, sponsored by Welsh Government, aims to bring like-minded clinicians across Wales together, creating a supportive environment that fosters a “bottom-up” approach to drive transformational change. The programme works alongside clinical enthusiasts with a track record of change to help them develop the skills, insight, and tactics to overcome the barriers that often get in the way of moving things on including issues such as bureaucracy, low trust or lack of motivation or incentive.

Challenging, changing, and championing clinical transformation within teams, across departments and clinical specialties will be critical to:

  1. Maintain the positive changes and progress made through the pandemic.
  2. Help us achieve a more dynamic, sustainable, and prudent forward-thinking health and care system.
  3. Motivating and engaging patients and the public to change.

The Clinical Influencers Network is designed to enable people to shape, inform and actively contribute to the learning to help participants influence others individually in their own area or specialty and collectively as a group working together to influence change at a national level.

We will draw upon others to share their experiences as well as link with other opportunities for support, training, coaching and ongoing CPD, including the ‘Healthcare Associated Leadership’ Network.


Programme Objectives


  • Identify clinicians with an interest in transformational change.
  • Create a self-supporting environment and community of interest.
  • Identify and share new initiatives, ways of working and ideas to adopt and adapt across Wales.
  • Create wider networks and movements for change across Wales.
  • Share, learn and develop a core understanding of the complexity of the change process, utilising well-recognised thinking in the field.
  • Support the development of governance frameworks to deliver the changes needed for our patients effectively and sustainably.


If you are interested in finding out more about the Clinical Influencer Programme and Network or want to know how you can participate in the next cohort please contact