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Authors: Scowen L, Howson H, Martin C


The purpose of this document is to draw upon wider evidence to provide recommendations as to how Prudent Innovation can be delivered through a social movement for change, and how this can best be developed, supported, and sustained across the health system in Wales.

Health and healthcare services are struggling to keep up with the pace of change, putting pressure on an already stretched system. The changing patient demographic in requires more complex care,
specifically in interventions for the elderly. Technological and medical advances are constant and public expectation is higher than ever.

Addressing these pressures will require a different approach involving everyone, patients and professionals. A Prudent approach to health is needed to improve outcomes through managing demand, reducing inappropriate interventions and increasing efficiency of care and services. We must transform what we do; using the assets and resources we have available. Prudent Innovation must become part of everyone’s way of working, to help transform the existing model to one that reflects the Principles of Prudent Health.

Changing the way we work and the ways in which we have traditionally thought about things is difficult and complex, but fostering a supportive climate to change culture, within a framework for innovation will give us the best opportunity to achieve the necessary changes. This paper brings together three concepts to identify how social movement could drive innovation and deliver Prudent Health in practice.