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CAMHS Innovation Programme

Development and Implementation of a DBT STEPS – A Skills Training in Denbighshire Schools

Dan Trevor and Kathryn Nash

Denbighshire County Council

Suicide is a leading cause of death for young people and until the emergence of an adapted DBT protocol for this group there has been no evidence-based intervention to address their problems.

The DBT in Secondary Schools project in Denbighshire started in 2018, and has been running every year in three secondary schools since this time, delivering a mix of one to one counselling/skills practices, small group sessions and parent groups depending on the school.

The aim is to further develop this project in primary schools, initially through the development of a mindfulness group to see what is feasible.

The challenge longer term is the sustainability of the service, both in secondary schools, and well as in primary schools, if a service can be developed that suits the needs of these children.

project poster