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Bevan Exemplar Cohort 8 Projects

Display of Vulnerable Children Information to Enable Safeguarding

Andrew Green

Digital Health and Care Wales

Every safeguarding report into child harm is clear in pointing out failures in data sharing and decision making. This project looks to improve the quality and immediacy of the information available on the most vulnerable children by using what data that exists and displaying this data across boundaries and agencies to help with intervention decisions where immediate action is required.

Currently, there is no method for Police or Health and other Services to look up key information on a presented child. They only have potential access to key contact information, or updates from old reported data, however there may be more to a child’s situation / background that is crucial in making the best-informed decision and subsequent action

The project:

To allow better client data visibility across all agencies that could be involved an intervention/referral where an intervention made with correct up to date information could ensure the best results.

Delivery mechanism:

To leverage current data held within the Welsh Community Care Information System (WCCIS) solution CareDirector, allowing better visibility across the 19 health board and local authority sites already set up, and to extend this concept through a data sharing and display hub to those further 10 sites that are currently using other systems. This requires data sharing agreements, common data standards, and training to ensure that interventions are managed in the light of best practice and immediate access to quality data.


  • Better timed interventions from all agencies
  • No harm to the vulnerable
  • Less wasted opportunities to act
  • Less wasted time
  • Early interventions where required
  • Professionals equipped with greater understanding and information
  • Child Protection register used as it was intended
  • A complete picture of the vulnerable nationally
  • Better inter agency co-operation
  • Enhances the work of safeguarding boards