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Bevan Fellow

Clive is a specialist practitioner in mental health nursing who has spent his career working in memory assessment and dementia care in both hospital and community settings. He is a former health technology exemplar with the Bevan Commission in which he evaluated the use of an app to help triage for changes to cognition. This exemplar was developed further under the first Adopt and Spread scheme.

In 2023 he completed a doctorate in nursing science in which he looked at some of the barriers and enablers to adopting more person-centred and integrated pathways to diagnose dementia. He is an advocate of general systems thinking to help explain the gaps in service and he is keen to promote this theory to help other innovators in health and care to understand and overcome resistance to change.

Clive is currently working as a Management Knowledge Transfer Partner (mKTP) with an industry-based partner in Wales. He will be evaluating the use of a wearable technology to enable vulnerable people to continue living safely in their own homes. The evaluation will include stakeholders from several university health boards and local authorities in Wales and has been sponsored by UKRI and Welsh Government.

“The Bevan Fellowship will give me the opportunity to work with change leaders from health and care from across Wales. I am hoping to share my experience as a former health technology exemplar and especially as someone who understands the difficulties of trying to implement change. The fellowship will be a wonderful opportunity to meet other change innovators and to explore the acceptability of new technologies to promote prudent health and care.”