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Bevan Fellow

Elin has been a General Practitioner partner at Meddygfa Teilo in Llandeilo for the last eighteen years. Alongside her clinical work, she serves as the Programme Director for GP training in Carmarthenshire. Notably, Elin played a key role in establishing the All Wales Integrated Care GP fellowship scheme (iGP) and currently directs the program. Her focus lies in improving GP retention in  Wales, reflecting her commitment to accessible healthcare and emphasising the important role of the family doctor in relationship based care. Additionally, she is dedicated to enhancing medical education and training within the General Practice field, aiming to create supportive and innovative learning environments with exciting opportunities to develop enjoyable portfolio careers.

Elin’s Bevan Fellowship aims to develop and grow the iGP scheme to offer a diverse range of exciting posts to GPs that cover areas of clinical and educational need in all parts of Wales.

In seeking the Bevan Fellowship, Elin aims to advance and leverage her skills in healthcare leadership and innovation. The fellowship presents an opportunity for her to delve deeper into strategies for improving GP retention, particularly in rural Wales. As a General Practitioner and PD of GP training and the iGP scheme, Elin envisions the fellowship as a platform to contribute to policy discussions and implement practical solutions. Furthermore, it provides her the means to extend her influence in medical education and training, fostering innovative approaches within the field of General Practice. Overall, the Bevan Fellowship aligns with Elin’s aspirations to make a broader impact on healthcare delivery, education, and workforce sustainability.