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Research Officer

Dr. Maxamillian Moss, a dedicated Environmental Scientist, currently serves as a Research Officer at Swansea University’s School of Management under the esteemed Bevan Commission. With a comprehensive academic background, Dr. Moss earned his Doctor of Philosophy in Atmospheric Environmental Science from the University of Manchester, complemented by a Master of Research in Environmental & Biological Nanoscience from the University of Birmingham.

Driven by a passion for environmental sustainability, Dr. Moss possesses a diverse skill set and natural research acumen. His educational journey also includes acquiring Qualified Teacher Status in Secondary Education and A-Level from the University of Oxford.

Throughout his career, Dr. Moss has demonstrated his proficiency in project management, effective communication, and analytical thinking. His commitment to environmental research led him to roles such as Research Associate at Droplet Measurement Technologies LLC, in addition to presenting at prestigious conferences like the European Geosciences Union.

With a keen interest in translating research into actionable solutions, Dr. Moss is poised to make significant contributions to the commission in aiding environmental sustainability.