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Roger Rowett, Kat Applewhite, Donna Thomas and Stuart Short

Here 2 There

ForMi is an online tool that enables young people to take control and ownership of their plan and associated goals. ForMi  is a strength-based system that takes the young person, supported by a named mentor, through a process of agreeing and recording.

  1. A strength-based profile including what is important to them;
  2. A set of high-level goals, and rating these goals on a 0-10 scale in terms of progress;
  3. Actions, things that need to be done to achieve the goals;
  4. A Circle of Support, anyone who can help the young person achieve their goals;

All the above is recorded on an online Control Panel by the organisation. The young person, their Mentor and anyone else in their Circle of Support, then has access to the ForMi app.

The ForMi app allows the young person the post pictures, videos and comments of what they are doing in relation to their goals – this is their Story. It works very much like social media apps. The Circle of Support can see the young person’s Story in real time, and provide ongoing encouragement through comments or posts of their own.

Finally, reviews can be recorded on the Control Panel by the Mentor, in conversation with the young person. Meetings notes are recorded, together with new ratings for each goal. But most importantly, the system pulls in the rich story of progress from the App, providing tangible evidence of progress.

Even though ForMi is a digital solution, it is founded on meaningful conversations and storytelling. It also supports joined-up working by professionals who will often work for different services. Finally, it is a highly effective and efficient way to support young people, often remotely.

Below is a video testimonial from Denbighshire County Council’s Therapeutic Service.