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International Lead

Through the building of strong relationships with stakeholders, Leo works with and alongside others to bring her knowledge, skills and experience together to co-create new transformational change approaches, including care pathways for delivering integrated care, especially those facilitated by digital solutions, to meet the needs of different populations. Leo has a keen interest in rural health and wellbeing, vulnerable populations, innovation and transformation and is International Lead in the Bevan Commission, Wales’s independent think tank, where she supports its Exemplars and Fellows to promote and share their initiatives internationally and learn from others across the world for the benefit of people living and working in Wales.

Prior to this, Leo worked as a health informatician for more than 20 years in academic, NHS and UK government sectors and successfully led and managed a range of information and communication technology enabled health and social care service improvement and transformation projects. In 2013, Leo became a Senior Fellow in the International Foundation for Integrated Care (IFIC), leading IFIC’s participation in a range of EU-funded integrated care projects and became Director of Research and Development prior to stepping away from a full-time position in mid-2021.