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Author: The Bevan Commission

Published: September 29, 2020

The Bevan Commission has been, and will continue to draw strategic lessons based upon evidence from across the globe. Whilst there is currently insufficient information to come to definitive conclusions, we need to draw from what we do know in order to prepare in the coming months to respond to future outbreaks.

This paper has been informed by people working in the system and people using the system, alongside the collective expertise and acumen of the Bevan Commissioners. Insight and experiences were gained from our growing alumni of Bevan Exemplars, Fellows and Advocates over a 3-month period between April and June 2020. A full report detailing the findings from this will be published in due course.

To protect and prepare Wales for future Covid-19 outbreaks, our findings have identified the following 8 core themes which need attention, further details of which can be found within the text.

  1. Public Engagement and Trust
  2. Testing, Tracing, Tracking and Lockdowns
  3. Protect the Vulnerable in Communities
  4. Caring for Care in Homes
  5. Protect and Support People in Work
  6. Thinking ahead – Prevent, protect and prepare together
  7. Ensuring and Upholding Human Dignity
  8. Maintaining the Changes and Learning for the Future