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Author: The Bevan Commission

Published: September 30, 2020

Findings from existing research and early observations from the Adopt and Spread Programme.

Living in unprecedented times, COVID-19 has affected everyone’s lives locally, nationally, and globally. As key workers respond to meet the needs of the communities around them, it was inevitable that many of the existing ways of working had to change.

In this series of publications, we share our analysis and insights based on our unique position leading a live national programme testing approaches to support successful innovation adoption and spread in Wales, the Adopt and Spread Programme. Here, we summarise the key themes from relevant research relating to adopt and spread in health and care at the time of infectious outbreaks and pandemics or when working in highly disruptive environments, as experienced during COVID-19. These have important implications for current/future policy and practice, with some immediate action points for COVID-19 and beyond.

This publication, ‘Make or Break’, brings together some of the highlights from the existing research and the early findings from the Adopt and Spread Programme. It concludes that people need to be encouraged, trusted and supported to adopt and spread new ideas, using the energy, motivation and enthusiasm of people. Realigning programmes and funding opportunities as well as building upon existing collaborations, networks and knowledge should help accelerate pace for adoption and spread of innovative ideas. The research and our early observations indicate that these factors are more likely to drive and translate innovative ideas into sustained practice locally, nationally and internationally.