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Author: The Bevan Commission

Published: October 03, 2022

The Bevan Commission developed and led the National Adopt and Spread (A&S) Programme, funded by the Welsh Government to test mechanisms for prudent innovation along with adoption and spread whilst working nationally on a live delivery programme. This report brings together the insights and learning from this unique programme, consisting of 54 adoption sites working with 15 Bevan Exemplars promoting more innovative, prudent health and care, with a comprehensive programme of support provided by the Bevan Commission.

The findings show that despite the challenges faced by many teams during COVID-19, successful adoption took place across Wales with wide ranging service, product and process-based innovations. Exemplar Innovations expanded beyond their original adoption sites, and were tested in new contexts, and also contributed to service-wide changes. Teams of practitioners, clinicians and professionals in health and care settings changed the way they worked, engaging over 200 colleagues in more than 24 organisations.