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Bevan Exemplar Cohort 8 Projects

Patient equality and skills for life —— Building A better tomorrow

Alex Williams

Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board

This project aims to provide skills for life whilst people are patients to enable them to have every opportunity to succeed in the community and try reduce the need for re admission. Providing coping skills and money management, stress techniques as well as job skills will benefit the patients in the long run and if we can help with these skills the reduction in re-admission is less likely.


  • Provide patients with clothes
  • Reduce inequality
  • Reduce the worry and stress whilst on ward
  • Provide basic life skills to people
  • Reduce stress

Anticipated outcomes:

This will have a outcome of making patients feel more at ease on the ward and get them involved more in the activities. This will improve the general mental wellbeing of the patients and make them get involved in activities more. This project will benefit all patients on the ward and hopefully over time will be expanded to the other wards on the unit. It will also benefit patients and provide them with lots of new skills as well as the possibility to provide them with credits to go towards actual qualifications.