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Becky Evans

Credu Supporting Carers (Powys)

The very purpose of the project is to build a sustainable infrastructure of mutual support with Carers and allies through the cost of living crisis and the crisis in health and social care and beyond. The movement is and will be led by Carers, to transform Carers experiences by building on strengths in their own communities, schools, workplaces and among services.

We will know we are successful when:

–         Carers and their families will be able to give and receive high quality strength-based support to help them articulate and move towards their own life enhancing outcomes.

–         Carers and their families will be connected and sustained in self-created caring communities that are mutually supportive, validating and enabling.

–         Carers and their families will have their individual and shared voices amplified to enable ACTION and CHANGE, particularly in institutions that influence their experience such as Schools, GP-Practices and Hospitals.

Our ultimate vision that has emerged from carers is that

Carers will be able to celebrate and take PRIDE in being people who are loving, compassionate, empathic and committed to others and share this gift within their communities.

To do this we will:

1.       Support Carers and our wider community to connect and take action on what matters most to them.

2.       Support and share spaces for mutual training and learning for members of our community to be and feel confident and competent in their mutual support and to take leadership roles to sustain and grow the movement.

3.       Enable / share skills for more and more active citizen carers to give:

a)       Empowering one to one support.

b)       Information e.g. benefits and services.

c)       Facilitate the various peer support groups that are emerging.

d)       Deliver awareness raising campaigns for community based and institutional recognition and support.

e)       Facilitate community thinking environments to deliberate collectively on and plan to tackle key challenges that carers are facing. It is anticipated as a result of two small pilots that lots of innovations in approaches to social care will emerge.