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Bevan Fellow

Sian is a senior public health professional with over 30 years experience working in different sectors of the NHS with a passion for primary care. Sian has held numerous positions to influence the public’s health, NHS settings, medicines management, workforce development and healthcare professional agendas. She has led small local teams, local and national projects and programmes and provided senior leadership to national pieces of work.

Sian has held a position of a Consultant in Public Health for the last ten years. She is currently working in the Primary Care Division in Public Health Wales leading and delivering a mixed portfolio which includes amongst other topic areas, climate change in primary care.  Sian started her professional career as a community pharmacist and continues to be registered as pharmacist.

Sian’s Bevan Fellowship will focus on the impact of primary care in tackling climate change and therefore improving the health outcomes of the people in Wales. This will be through engaging with the Greener Primary Care Wales Framework and Awards Scheme and other Primary Care Division led green initiatives.

Sian is hoping to achieve the following from being a Bevan Fellow:

  1. Some time and space with independent advice and guidance to think about:
  • the work we have done to date and escalate this to address local and national health issues through a climate change lens.
  • how we can spread and scale and publicise / publish the impact of the work.
  • strengthen links and build collaboration with other national pieces of work

2.Explore working with academia to drive the change and support the research agenda to demonstrate the impact of primary care in tackling climate change to improve the health outcomes of the people in Wales.

3. Challenge her thinking and enable her to challenge others with regard to this agenda.

4. Provide an opportunity to build on her network of health and care professionals.

“I would like to explore how to change the narrative so that climate change is not seen as a standalone issue and an extra effort but integral to good clinical care and prevention, less consumption and waste and cost efficiencies. This may encourage more engagement and fits with the Bevan Prudent Healthcare Principles.”