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Author: The Bevan Commission

The Bhowmick Innovation Model (BIM) is a means of redeploying current resources to meet the increased healthcare needs caused by the demographic growth in the numbers of elderly citizens.

The Bevan Commission has considered the BIM as one way of meeting this need, and would recommend this model as the basis for a standard of care of the elderly. The Bevan Commission recognises that other strategies have been developed in Wales, and believes all strategies should be measured against the standards laid out in this paper, namely:

  • The delivery of excellent, safe care in the community to a higher standard than in secondary care.
  • The delivery of new services through redeploying existing resources, at a net zero cost to NHS Wales.
  • Patients and staff being satisfied that the new way of working is better.

The BIM is based on the successful innovative and collaborative configuration of services in the community setting, in Torfaen Advanced Clinical Assessment Team (ACAT) and Mon Enhanced Care (MEC) in Anglesey. Together ACAT and MEC have successfully delivered personalised, patient-centred care at home while saving their respective health boards in excess of £2.5m.