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The Foundations for the Future Model of Health and Care in Wales is a timely blueprint for transforming health and care services in Wales, setting out an agenda to achieve a sustainable, high quality, equitable health and care system for current and future generations.

This report addresses our changing demographic landscape, acknowledging the rise in economic inactivity due to illness, ageing population, and widening health inequalities exacerbated by socio-economic and environmental factors. We propose a collaborative, whole-society strategy, integrating public health, illness prevention, and community support across all sectors. This proposed model champions bold new approaches, stressing the importance of data, technology, and a skilled workforce in creating a sustainable and dynamic system fit for the future, whilst honoring the founding principles of the NHS.

This report draws on insights from our 2023 Conversation with the Public, hearing the perspectives of over 2000 citizens across Wales, and the perspectives of internationally recognised experts at our landmark conference marking the 75th anniversary of the NHS, The Tipping Point: Where next for health and care?.

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