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Born from the ruins of a world in crisis, the NHS is an enduring testament to the extraordinary things that happen when people come together for the common good.

For 75 years, the NHS has been the bedrock of our society; protecting our communities, our friends, and our families. The NHS has achieved so much, but now faces unprecedented global challenges, including Covid-19, ageing populations, and the climate emergency.

We are at a tipping point. It is time for us to face these challenges together and rebuild our NHS to thrive in tomorrow’s world. We have done it before, and we can do it again.

On the 5th and 6th July the Bevan Commission hosted our conference to mark the 75th anniversary of the NHS but also to host open and honest conversations about the future of our health and social care services. The two days comprised of internationally renowned speakers, breakout sessions and panel discussions as follows.

Watch the conference keynote presentations below and read the proceedings here. The ideas generated at this conference also informed our Foundations For The Future Model Of Health And Care In Wales.

Rt Hon Mark Drakeford MS, First Minister of Wales, opened the conference with a resounding call to action.

“Aneurin Bevan would have been clear that all you have to do when you hear those voices is to fight…”

Developing Resilient and Resourceful People and Communities

Lord Nigel Crisp thinks outside the box to suggest ways forward for health and care.

“Having meaning and purpose in life is good for your health…”

Sir Chris Ham puts the challenges and opportunities faced by the NHS under the microscope.

“We need in my view much stronger focus on how the NHS can really become a learning organisation…”

Questions and Answers

With Lord Nigel Crisp and Professor Sir Chris Ham.

Dr Usman Khan speaks on the importance and methods of creating health literacy in populations.

“Can Wales be the most health literate country in Europe?”

Integrating Quality Health and Social Care Fit for People

Sir Don Berwick draws on international healthcare models to identify Wales’ unique opportunities in health and care.

“There is a sense in Wales, that I find in few other countries, of pride and dignity and respect for each other that is the foundation of a truly innovative approach…”

Professor Derek Feeley discusses the need for better integration in order to allow constant improvement.

“The NHS is a precious thing and there is much to celebrate about it… and I for one have faith in the NHS”

Dame Sue Bailey draws on the Greater Manchester Integrated Care Partnership to give real world examples of difficulties and successes in delivering integrated care.

“The language of culture is the thing Wales has in bucketloads…”

Bevan Question Time Panel

With the Rt Reverend & Rt Hon Rowan Williams, Kendra-Jean Nwamadi, Bamidele Adenipekun, Lord Nigel Crisp, Professor Kamila Hawthorn and Nygaire Bevan.

Creating Equally Well and Sustainable Approaches

Sir Frank Atherton talks about how we can transform public health in Wales.

“Written into the DNA of the NHS, as created by Bevan is that principle of equity…”

Sir Michael Marmott brings data to life through exploring the urgent health inequalities we face. Followed by questions and answers with delegates.

“A healthcare system for the poor would be a poor healthcare system…”

Sir Andy Haines sounds the alarm about healthcare’s contribution to the climate emergency and how a changing climate is impacting global health. Followed by Bevan Commission director Helen Howson introducing the Let’s Not Waste programme.

“There could be big benefits in moving to a more health promoting, health sustaining economy, within environmental boundaries…”

Derek Walker, The Future Generations Commissioner for Wales, discusses the Wellbeing and Future Generations Act in relation to health and social care. Derek also presents the awards for the Bevan Young Future Thinker Awards.

“We know that we need to look holistically across policy areas and at the root problems of poor health”

Wales’ Minister for Health and Social Services delivers a compelling call to action to transform health and social care in Wales, and do so with the public.

“We haven’t yet worked out if the trajectories continue and if the public don’t come with us on the public health journey, what we will have to give or how we will pay for that increased demand…”

Bevan Future Thinker Awards

Presented by Eluned Morgan MS and Sue Evans, Chief Executive of Social Care Wales.

Transformation to be Fit and Flexible for the Future

Judith Paget discusses the Welsh Govenment’s new Innovation Strategy and it’s relationship with health and social care.

“We know everybody is working incredibly hard, and we know that we can make improvements if we work together. We can’t keep doing more of the same, we have to do differently, and we can’t go back to doing what we did before the pandemic…”

Professor Donna Hall shares her experiences in citizen-led decision making in the Wigan Deal.

“Very often patients… people are seen as passive recipients of services rather than active players of local communities who can really shape the health and wellness of a community…”

Professor George Crooks examines the role and radical potential of digital technology in the future of health and care.

“Go and challenge your systems, but do it for the right reasons…”

Sir David Haslam reflects on the medical profession’s ongoing and emerging challenges and the patterns of failure and success.

“Every success we have has the potential to sow the seed of the next challenge”