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Author: Professor Nick Rich, Swansea University

Published: November 20, 2020

The Bevan Exemplar programme has now completed its fourth cohort with a continued high success rate that have, once again, engaged in innovations that have transformed service delivery to help ensure that the NHS in Wales is fit for the future.

The passion and high levels of achievement and personal commitment demonstrated by this cohort is impressive and re-emphasises the talent of our staff across NHS Wales. The projects undertaken by this cohort have addressed many challenging and difficult issues with vulnerable people and with staff in a period of increased demand, transition and flux.

The outcomes and results that have been achieved are of a high standard and add new capabilities and confidence to the NHS in Wales and to the leaders of the future. The fourth cohort have also been a group that has united key themes of previous Exemplars and have been key to developing a critical mass of expertise in critical care pathways.

With more than two hundred Exemplars taking part in the programme since it was established in 2015, the Welsh NHS now has a significant group of motivated people with new ideas to help drive change from within and from the bottom up. This includes areas such as general practice, ambulatory care, palliative care and electronic assistive technologies to name but a few.