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Planned Care Innovation Exemplars

Value based weight management for children with BMI >98th centile using virtual ward and wearable technology

Dr Sian Moynihan, Consultant Community Paediatrician

Cardiff and Vale University Health Board


  • Growing obesity crisis in young children/ people with long term consequences
  • 2020/2021 England: 6% of children 11 years + were obese
  • 1 in 3 children were in the most deprived regions
  • Demand in children’s weight management services exceeding capacity


  • Establish the use of an interfaced wearable that meets IG and takes a collaborative MDT approach
  • Establish acceptability of its use with child/ adolescent and professionals
  • Determine if the interfaced wearable supports clinical outcomes
  • Determine its scalability, sustainability and economic benefits


  • Data Protection Impact Assessment Agreement for CAVUHB
  • Develop digital onboarding process
  • Pilot service and evaluate outcomes

Outcomes / Benefits:

  • 90% of patients engaged for full 13 weeks
  • 100% of young people increased their step count and improved their sedentary time
  • 90% wore their Fitbit at night
  • Improved progress towards plant and sleep based goals
  • Easy data viewing and capture
  • Parents can buddy and support their child
  • Reduces requirement for clinical space, travel to appointments and time missed from school
  • £49 cost benefit per patient
  • behaviourally informed support over 13 weeks
  • Earlier discharge
  • No DNA’s

What Next:

  • Evaluation by CEDAR
  • Scale up service offering to larger cohort of young people
  • Promote wider adoption
  • Use of interfaced app for adult services could be explored

View project posters and slides from the PCIP National Showcase Event